Can a Massage Gun fill in for Your Therapist ?

Josh from boulder, Colo, a massage therapist and passionate cross fighter who says his massage gun is an essential part of his recovery. He uses it nightly, sometimes for hours. According to Josh, It is a bit like a mirror of an excellent massage therapist. It uses as a deep tissue massager. Like conventional massage, the gun's purpose is to measure the swelling by pumping extracellular fluid, such as lymph fluid and blood, out of the tissue and into the cardiovascular system.

Therapist VS Massage Gun:

Have you ever relied on your quads or pecs like a massage therapist like John Wake going to town in the face of some lousy oyster? If so, you know it hurts. But in a significant way, especially if you are a long-term thief whose muscles are peeled off by planets, triggering gym-related stimuli for months and years.

Try a masseur once. Run it on your upper jaws, quads, calves, or other tight muscle groups. And it's easy to see why they're so popular. Within a couple of minutes, a massage gun can effectively beat a massive muscle group, loosen tissue, increase blood flow, and temporarily reduce aches and pains.

Because the wellness world is a breeding ground for pseudoscience, it looks like that there is some science behind the intention of these device. Massage guns purportedly work through vibration therapy also known as percussion or percussive therapy, which aims to relieve soreness and tightness by transmitting jolts of pressure and vibration into your muscles, CNET explains. A few studies suggest vibration therapy may reduce or even prevent muscle soreness, and others that regular massage and stretching yield the same results.

Pain Relief:

There are now many gadgets that will help you get rid of the pain immediately after our strenuous workouts.The massage getting more and more popular as people stay at home during current pandemic times and consider this option as safe and flexible.

The Massage Guns are portable, handheld devices that use traumatic massage therapy, a way to compress specific muscles, relieve pain, and speed recovery.

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